This blog has moved!

I have blogged for 10 years!

During these 10 years of blogging, are mostly on my kids/ food/ and my life. I guess that’s what my life is about.

Looking back at the archives, I see how much changes in my life.
Good or Bad, life still goes on. For me, I want myself doing what I love to including documenting every snippets of everyone in my life.

Thanks for dropping by all this while!
 (even though nothing awesome abt us) 

The current blog domain, cendrinelim will be moved to  

This site remains with the good old memories for us.




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Xmas Eve: Lunch


We didn’t go anywhere on the eve. Decided to stay at home since everywhere ll be packed with  people. 

Cooked healthy version pan fried prawns, inspired by Jamie Oliver’s book, Dinner.  Added lots of veggies and parsley. 


Cheesy baked chicken with asparagus. 

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Zann and I shared this waffle. I found it not nice and not worth the $. How I wish I have one waffle maker! 

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Steamboat for dinner

We had steamboat for dinner. Hub missed the steamboat we had in Taiwan so he insisted that we must have one at home. 

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Belated pressie

Zann’s belated pressie has arrived. Her fav craftholic! 

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Wholemeal Roll


Baked wholemeal roll for everyone, for dinner. 

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Pumpkin Seafood Butter Rice


Lunch for everyone. 

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Butter Cookies



Baked these butter cookies for a friend. Saved some for myself as well. 

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